Okay, so someone needs to confirm this for me, and maybe this has been talked about, but its blowing my mind..forst off I just want to say that we fully transfered from netware about 2 years ago, with great results, to OES2 SP2, and life has been grand for us. That being said, I was reading all about the Public OES11 beta, of which I downloaded, and was getting ready to test, and I was was looking through the documentation, I start seeing all these reference to Netwarre 6.5 SP8, and so I dig deeper, and sure enough, to my amazement, One of the upgrade paths is from Netware 6.5 SP8, you can install OES11 services ON NETWARE!!! WOW~!!!! This blew my mind...so, have others seen this, and what do you think about that?