I thought I posted this weeks ago but after searching the forum I did
not find it. So here is the issue and the Official Novell Fix.

Setting up a 3rd Party VPN with BM 3.8.2 and NW 6.5.1. It worked great
after it was setup. But if you went to delete a 3rd Party slave VPN
server it may break another 3rd party slave. The only fix was to
completely remove all servers from the Site to Site vpn configuration.
Delete the Master site to site server. Create all new objects.
Basically, recreate it all from scratch.

Opened an incident with Novell and completed several tests and looked at
several csaudits. Here was the final result from Novell.

Engineering has found one of the problems. The configuration module is
There is a problem with the auto-deletion of traffic rules when you
remove a server.
It fills a wrong value for the next traffic rule. But if you manually
remove the traffic rules before removing the server,
things work fine. So if you need to remove a slave server, remove first
the traffic rule belonging to this server and after that remove the server.