We have Zenworks Configuration management 10.3.3. Fully patched. We have also latest zenworks agents
Our roaming profiles does not work any more after we patched zenworks agents.
Now our existing Roaming Profiles do not update any more. No matter where profiles are stored (linux, netware or windows).

We have DLU Policy and Roaming Profile Policy. If I delete the user account and its
profile on the client, the account will be recreated by DLU-Policy and
the Roaming Profile gets copied to the server once. After that no changes will be synced.
It looks it has something with Novell client. If you don't have Novell Client on workstation, everything works fine.

I try also simulate this problem in test environment. Same problems.

I am now asking Novell. How it is possible that patch for this is not available ? It looks users has this problems more than half year.
Are we the only one on this world who are using roaming profiles with Zenworks ?

Any ideas ?