Running GW 8.0.2 on Windows 2008r2 cluster.

I have added a shared folder in User1's account for User2. I gave User2 all rights. When a new unread email comes into User1's account and is moved to the shared folder unread it does not pop up the unread mail icon next to the folder for User2. If I move the email from the shared folder in User2's account to another folder the unread mail icon pops up on that folder. When I move it back the icon follows the email. Now the icon is there. When I move the email from the shared folder in User1's account the unread email icon does not go away for User2. I am hoping I can get it to work correctly since I have a user who needs to know when email enters the shared folder as he is monitoring 2 other accounts. Cannot choose the shared folder in Notify anymore. I have set up proxy on these accounts and have checked for him to "subscribe to my notifications" , but notify does not let him know there is new email in the monitored accounts.