I have bumped into a Netware 6.5 SP3 server where apparently the SYS:SYSTEM folder has been overwritten by user data or has had files deleted from it.

The server boots, but it can't load several files / AUTOEXEC.NCF and eyeballing the SYSTEM directory I can tell that someone tried deleting the directory and copying things into it, because all the loaded NLMs look to have been spared, everything else disappeared outright.

My question is this, other than a full reinstall is there a way I can load the Netware media and run a repair to replace the missing files? I'm guessing no because the AUTOEXEC.NCF is gone.

I tried re-applying the service pack but it yelled at me stating it couldn't load BINDERY.NLM.

And no, there are no backups. Pretty ugly all around.

Thanks for looking at this.