On a slave server which is running nw5.1 & sp7 & bm38sp2a I have this
problem that in remote manager i get the following message :

This Server does not have a VPN Master or a VPN Slave

There is however a slave configured on this machine. The slave however after
added it by using imanager on a wxp machine, is not starting the ike screen
on the console or the vptunnel. If i load it manually i get public symbol
It looks like the schema is not ok, but I do not get any errors in imanager
adding or modifying slave vpn properties.

I ran schxtnd, but I get a lot of errormessages in the vpnxxx.logs that the
entries can't be modified because they allready exist, so i guess this is
removing is also not possible because of the schema that is busy (?)

How to get the vptunnel up & NRM monitoring working ?