we migrate successful our data from netware cluster to new OES2 Cluster.

But now we got some issues with Windows Workstations and Registry
Key's\Link's\embedded Macros in Office Dokuments and so on.

For example:

- old URL look like this


- new URL look like this


where "cluster0x-data-server" is the name of the virtual Server Object
in eDirectory.

Directory structure are always the same, but servername is different.

We are looking now for a solution for this problem.

- can i bind a secondary name to the new clusterressource, for example

ncpcon bind --ncpservername=cluster01_data_server --ipaddress=
ncpcon bind --ncpservername=cluster02-data-server --ipaddress=

- Can i change the IP address in the properties of the virtual server
object (hope it is the right name for this) in eDirectory?

- Is there any kind of "Alias" where we can set, so
"cluster01_data_server" point's to "cluster02-data-server"?

- What correlation have the ncpcon bind command with the virtual server
edirectory object, or how does Windows Workstation find the

Is my assumption correct, Windows Redirector ask SLP for the name, slp
look per configured name resolution (NDS,DNS) for the IP and then he
connect to the resolved IP?

So, can i remove the old edirectory server object
"cluster01_data_server" and set a DNS Entry (CNAME) who point to
"cluster02-data-server", could this work?

Any hints are welcome.