I am backing up the Database, Server and Content using the following meathod:

zman db /path/to/backup
zman cae /path/to/backup/filename.bak
zman zenserver-backup /path/to/backup/filename.bak
cp -r /var/opt/novell/zenworks/content-repo/content/ /path/to/backup/location

Anyways, I have three servers in my current eviroments, ZCM 10.3, 11, 11.1
When I backup the ZCM 10.3 and 11 servers, I see all the encrypted *.zc files and folders in the /content folder, on Zen 11.1, even with several policies, I don't see any .zc files, the one thing I don't have yet is Workstation Windows Group policies, on the 11.1 server, so I am assming the .zc files are created when a Gorup policy is uploaded to the Zen server, maybe bundles as well...anyways..if anyone can answer that, that would be great.