I'm having a very weird issue... The master is a bm3.8 on nw6.5. One slave is bm3.8 another is bm 3.0. The master is configured for both IKE and Legacy vpn. I set everything up a while ago and all worked great. I configured the 3.8 slave's protected networks in imanager and in nwadmin so that the legacy 3.0 slave could see the 3.8's private ip's and vice versa. My problem started when I need to change or add another protected network to the 3.8 slave. If I make the change in nwadmin via the legacy method the new or changed private network is passed to the 3.0 server, but it is not passed to the 3.8 servers, including the master. If I make the change in imanager then nobody gets the new or changed private network. So then I tried deleting the protected network from both, imanager and nwadmin and it deleted the protected network from the 3.0 server but not from the 3.8 servers, again including the master. It seems that for some reason any changes made via imanager are not being "pushed" to the IKE enabled 3.8 servers. Has anybody seen anything like this? Any advice?
Thanks in advance.

Slava Madrit