I'm reviewing the layout of my zone after a couple of years of it being in place. The number of servers has gone from 4 to 5 primaries with 2 satellites; there are also 2 non Zenworks servers for the database and content repository.

It's worked reasonably well but were are noticing some interesting things as we work on it before the beginning of this semester.

1) Intensive ZCC tasks like moving and deleting device objects takes time and can really slow a server (and sometimes the Zone) down

2) Authentication, we think, should be put on servers that just deal with this job. Authentication times can be affected if clients hit the server that is doing tasks in 1) oe is just busy delivering content or something.

3) Despite having 5 primary servers, the "master" primary (certificate) server seems to be doing a lot of work compared to the other boxes (see pictures - Bottom is "master" primary server. http://img26.imageshack.us/img26/352...toncompare.png)

4) ZCM10/11 has significantly longer login times compared to ZDM 7... ZCM 11.1 fixes this with caching apparently, which is fine unless you happen to use Deep Freeze on 1000 of your clients!

So, with the above in mind, what are people's thoughts?

1) We're having a dedicated VM that will be a Power User ZCC interface, allowing them to do tasks without affecting key servers. The Admin ZCC will remain on a content server to allow for bundle work.

2) 3 servers will be dedicated to Authentication, 2 being newly provisioned ones.
2a) Is the "master" primary server best placed in the Authentication group as it holds the certificate? Or is the certificate not that relevant for this?

3) Not sure what to do about this!

4) Not much we can do, short of saying "sorry, your new system is slower...".

So we'll end up with 8 primaries (3 content, 3 authentication, 1 reporting and 1 dedicated ZCC) alongside 2 satellites, 1 database and 1 file store.

I'm also wondering if the collection task will be OK on 1 server (the reporting server), or if we need 2 for this job too?

I do think that overall Zenworks has a good interface and works reasonably well but has a way to go still before I'd say it was a polished product. That said, I'm looking foward to the possibility of managing Macs and seeing how whole disk encryption works.

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to your thoughts.