SLES 10.3 OES 2.2
Iprint issue.

I was getting reports of slowness of printing and a server reboot didn't clear the issue so I went in and deleted the bond network of two nics which are in the server. Server is virtualized on top of VMWARE ESX4
I had moved it months ago but it was working up to this point. I uninstalled and reinstalled VMware tools.

At this point i've deleted the bond network and put the ip of the server on one nic, also tried on both nics. Rebooted several times. I have, literally, hundreds of printers on this print server now with ques which are growing..
The ques simply say "waiting to be processed" or "Job being processed"

I could really use another brain on this one so any assistance would be appreciated.

Is there a config file for iPrint that points it to a specific NIC?