We are running BM 3.7 on a NetWare 6 box and have a VPN with our Oracle
hosting Databases. The Oracle VPN runs through a Juniper hardware device
and is outside of our firewall connecter to your Cisco router. The issue
is periodically, about once a week, the Oracle DB performance becomes
very poor. It even seems like their is packet loss over the Oracle VPN
tunnel. The only fix that seems to work is to reboot the BM server.
This will make it function for another week or so and then again the
cycle repeats.
No other systems, email, web browsing, ftp etc. that are going through
the BM proxy seem to be affected, they all work fine, just the Oracle
apps. and DB's.
Are their any known issues with Oracle and BorderManager? We have tried
replacing the hardware VPN, the switches, router etc. and all have had no
affect on the issue. Any ideas or help would be greatly appreciated.