Hi to all,

Im looking for some help on a couple of issues withData Synchronizer, thanks in advance for your help.

1. Data Synchronizer V1.2 Build 579, Groupwise 8

First issue im facing is that some users have issues syncing, for some their email's come through ok but thier calendars arnt up to date and are not updating to their groupwise. (this is happening for some users who have the same model phone inc. software and firmware but other people using the same phone same software and firmware dont have any issues).

For some users, a duplication of contact and calendar events is occuring. This is happening accross platform, ie Nokia, Samsung and Iphone, some times removing them from the groupwsie connector and then the mobility connector then adding them back in that order seems to help but is not a logical fix for over 150 users.

And finally today some users are only getting two emails synced to their phones. I have tested with different phones and using different accounts but still the same result.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanking you