Well, a 3rd party router that was working great for about 6 weeks is now hiccupping.

BM side:

NW 6.5 sp 2
BM 3.8 sp 2a

3rd party side:

Linksys WRV54G

The link was running correctly for 6 weeks, no outages or any thing. I then added another 3rd party site, but then had to remove it because the unit smoked. After this change the initial site will disconnect every hour to hour and a half. The IKE screen starts showing the "dreaded":

Sending ID Type 4:

For both networks.

I do not allow an "Any to Any" configuration, it should be:

Sending ID Type 4:
Sending ID Type 4:

Which I get once the Linksys is told to disconnect and re-connect. The Linksys is a very "simple" configuration, so I think it is something on the BM side, like the configs becoming corrupt after a change or something.

Any ideas out there or additional troubleshooting steps.