I just upgraded from SP1a to Sp2 and am testing out the SP2 agent before I deploy it and noticed a few things different (for the worse for us) with the SP2 agent.
First off I apologize if this is long but I was trying to be as detailed as possible. Our goal is to be able to bring in a new model PC, install Win7, drivers, Zenworks client and then have Zen install all of the software we need unattended along with our DLU, Remote Management and Application Launcher policies. I made a bundle group with all of our bundles that need to be installed and assigned it to auto distribute with an dummy network account (imguser) and have the policies pushed to all workstations.

On SP1 agent:
1) We start the agent install, get the restart message after completion, restart and login with the imguser account.
2) After login we get the message that our policies have been updated and the PC needs to be logged out (DLU policy)
3) After logout and login it looks like "analyze.exe" (DAU) is running in the task manager and as soon as that task is closed our bundles start installing.
4) After about 20 minutes everything is installed and we restart the computer.
At this point everything seems the way I think it should be.

5) After this login which is now to our Novell client we show no user logged into ZCM and we have none of our user assigned bundles but have device bundles and all policies, on a side note if I try to remote control the PC at this time I get a "Rights authentication failed" message but can get in using a password assigned by our RM policy.....weird
6) I manually refresh the ZCM agent and get the policy has been updated message again and have to logout and back in again. At this point everything is fine.

I can live with all of this but the exact same process on SP2 seems to take a few extra steps.

On SP2 agent:
Steps 1-3 are the same except once analyze.exe is finished processing the bundles NEVER start installing. Once I manually refresh the agent they start right away....this does not seem right.
4) Same as in SP1
5) After login immediately get the policies have been updated message. In the agent I have no bundles showing at all, no servers listed but show all of my policies.
6) Logout and then back in. Again in the agent I have no bundles showing at all, no servers listed but show all of my policies and show the user as being logged into the agent.
7) Refresh - Get the policy updated message AGAIN asking me to logout. Now I have all bundles policies and a logged in user.
8) Logout and back in - Everything is fine.

The SP2 process just seems to have an extra refresh and logout/login process needed.

I am debating on just running the SP2 server with the Sp1 agents, will this cause problems. I am hoping that this is some sort of but that has just not been noticed yet and will be fixed.

Again sorry for the long post but I wanted to make sure I had my facts straight so I repeated my procedures several times and took notes.