NetStorage stopped working (it is infrequently used, but by VIPs)
Found that the users novlxtier and novlregd had been deleted (over
zealous clean up performed pre Novell licence audit). I had a full
ldif dump of all users so imported these 2 back in since I couldn't
find any other recreate method. Made sure they were still in the
Novlxtier group, LUM reenbled them to be sure.

rcnamcd restart then I could id them just fine
SLES1:/var/opt/novell/xtier # id novlxregd
uid=81(novlxregd) gid=81(novlxtier) groups=81(novlxtier)
SLES1:/var/opt/novell/xtier # id novlxsrvd
uid=82(novlxsrvd) gid=81(novlxtier) groups=81(novlxtier),8(www)
an ndstrace for just LDAP didn't show any errors and does show the
group come in.

rcnovell-xregd start
rcnovell-xsrvd start
as neither had been running

restart apache and tomcat just to be sure

but still getting a 500 error within the main frame of a standard
NetStorage browser view (top header and left 'Folders' panel look
normal other than no actual folders

apache error log
[Mon Sep 19 21:45:47 2011] [crit] [client] configuration
error: couldn't check user. No user file?: /oneNet/NetStorage,

messages 6 sets of 3 counts of
Sep 19 21:45:47 SLES1 httpd2-worker: XSrvCChannel::connectSocket-
Connection creation failed, error = 13
Sep 19 21:45:47 SLES1 httpd2-worker: XSrvCChannel::init- Connection
creation failed, error = 13
Sep 19 21:45:47 SLES1 httpd2-worker: IPCCLNT -getCChannel- Channel
Initialization failed for socket
Sep 19 21:45:47 SLES1 httpd2-worker: IPCCLNT -SubmitReq- Channel
Sep 19 21:45:47 SLES1 httpd2-worker: IPCCLNT -SubmitReq- Will attempt
to retry RPC, count = 1

The LUM Unix Workstation object for this server does not have any LUM
Enabled Services listed, but NoRM and iManager work just fine with
appropriate users.

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 (x86_64)
Novell Open Enterprise Server 2.0.2 (x86_64)
VERSION = 2.0.2

yes, I know we are behind here, they were OES 2.00 at the beginning of
the year and once we got it this far stabilized things enough that this
client has me holding on the next patch steps to focus on other issues.

GroupWise 8.02 WebAccess shares this running instance of apache and is
working just fine.

Andy Konecny in Toronto
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