I will test it internally make it work and see what to do next.

I have a nw 6.5 sp2 file server running only BM 3.8 (no sp's). I'm attempting to set up the C2S VPN.
Here are the steps that I have done so far.
1.) Follwed the steps outlined in Craig's book
2.) Installed the VPN first by setting my public numbers and the tunnel address
3.) Setup the C2S and it did start almost instantly
4.) I added traffic rules, authentication rules, and set up DNS, LDAP, SLP
5.) When I tried this from the private side (i.e attached to the BM server)it did work I was given a login prompt, and I was able to get connected to my servers(3 servers including the BM server).However I was unable to ping or to see the resources on the BM server.
6.) I added the NAT trick that Craig had talked about, making a private to private static route. After this I was able to ping the internal BM server, however still unable access any of the resourse. (Volumes Directories , etc)

The first question is what would I need to change on the server so that I could login to it? As I say I can ping, just not able to access the resources. Also, since this is working internally, what would inhibit it from working externally? I'm trying to connect from the outside through a DSL connection, running through a BM server externally (I do shut off filters when attempting to connect to the VPN server so I don't think that would be an issue), any help would be apperciated.

As a side question whom at Novell is in charge of the Bordermanger program? I would like to e-mail them to find out why this has become such a difficult install?

Thank you again