HI, We are running zcm10.3.1 (fir various reasons not upgraded yet, BUT it ht emeantime we are trying to fil our asset inventory, no long ago, last year sometime actually, we installed the ZAAIO client on all our servers, and looked 100%, never really checked again, now tyhat we are busy with enventory i notice that those enventories was last updated i think the days it was instaleld, So fine i thougth just run sysinfo again and restart zenummia, nothing new on the primary server
The uninstall and re-install, stil nothing, then removed server from zcm invertories server, run sysinfo and restart zenumia again, still nothing server just dont showup on the zcm console?.... what iam missing some parameter i can start zenumia with to see "where the data is going of were can i look what is happening?...this seams for linux and windows servers..

1 server worked, 5 others not still 70 left ...