Netware server 6.5 with SP8 abends

Monday, 9-19-2011 3:22 pm
Abended Thread Count on server NOVELL was in a BAD State
Current Value - 2
Peak Value - N/A
Max Value - N/A
Current SUSPECT threshold = More than 1 Abends and Critical threshold = More than 2 Abends
Current SUSPECT trigger delay = 10 and Critical trigger delay = 20

Will not write to log file.

The only change which as I see it from a "newbie" point of view whcih should not affect it is the deletion of an old admin user in Console 1.

We did see numerous "intruder" on this old account prior to removal.

One hang happened before this deletion but the "intruder" alerts were happenning.

Can nlm services be "tied" to a specific user?? And cause the abends??

Any ideas would be appreciated.

I do apologize if posted in wrong forum, new to Novell....