Happy new year to everybody in this forum and especially the sysops...

Will 2005 be the year of the removal of the root dependency for remote
slave sites ??? I was waiting for that as Christmas gift... but not
chance apparently

I've already 4 replicas of root, with one just to have a chance to start
a slave, already 3 sites with a BM38 server alone in his own tree (nice
to create the users objects in this dummy tree just for C2S and proxy
connections..) because the business doesn't wait.. and still have at
least 2 or 3 more sites to connect !!

It's fun to play with NW65 and BM38, nice to travel to do and redo... i
know all of the turn around, etc... but i would really appreciate that
this stupid bug is solved... Sometimes i've the feeling that i'm alone
to find that abnormal, perhaps i'm stupid..

Hopefully there is another chance to have this solved before the new
year... The chinese new year is in february !! and funnily one of the
site i've to connect is in China...

Quick Novell, quick.... the business doesn't like to wait...