Here, we have 2 sites with a 100 mbps between those two sites and 2 users
sources (from 2 AD).
I have 1 ZCM server at one site (10.3.3).
In 1 of those sites, login could be slow (up to 15-20 minutes).
The user boot the computer, enter the username/password and from there, as I
said, he have to wait 15-20 minutes before being able to work. On another
device, he did the same thing and it logs in a minute. Oon the "slow"
device, if he logoff then logon again, at that moment, login is fast.
What is the ZCM login process and why is it fast from a device and slow from
another for the same user ?
Why is it slow at device startup ?
Anyone can help me ?
I have zmd-messages.log file that I can send.