I am trying to setup a test groupwise Server using GW8.02. yet having multiple issues:
To begin I was told that I needed to first install Edirectory, and Novell Client. I had some minor issues getting those 2 prerequisites installed and am a bit concerned about what I chose fopr my Domain name and Tree context. I was a Novell 4.1 CNA 11 years ago but cannot remember much about the use of context. perhaps someone can help.

First: My Edirectory questions:
I want to use a NAT'ed Domain Name. For example: I will give fake names for demonstation purposes, I just need to know what to call my Tree and Context in Edirectory.. Also can I go back and change it if I did it wrong or do I have to completely uninstall it and start fresh.

Suppose my Groupwise Windows Server name is "GROUPWISESRV" and My external Domain is "MailDomain.com

How should I setup Edirectory. Enter Edirectory info to create a new Tree.

For Tree Name, I put "MAILDOMAIN"

For New Server Object Context: I put "Groupwisesrv.nds.MailDomain"

and for the the admin context I think I repeated the tree name. "MAILDOMAIN"

This allowed me to install Edirectory, however I am not sure I did this correct. I want to be able to create email users, like user1@maildomain.com once groupwise is up and running.

Also this is also giving me some doubts on the actual Groupwise install.
1) Can the Same Windows 2008 Server be used for the Edirectory as well as the actual Groupwise mail Server?
2) I selected windows for Software agent platform instead of Netware, is this correct.
3) Groupwise System Name? Should it be "MAILDOMAIN" or "GROUPWISESRV"
4) Should the DNS hostName - IP address be my internal servers static IP, or the public external IP address?
5) What path should I put in the "Path to Domain Database" field in my groupwise install. I am stuck on this "Path to Domain DB" I have searched everywhere and cannot find what to put in this Field.
Any help will be appreciated.