Forgive me for reposting but I'm in a time crunch and it "feels" so close.

I am attempting to create a client-site vpn.

BM37 on NW6sp5

I can authenticate to the VPN on the client fine. I can ping both the bm private IP and bm vptunnel IP from the client. I cannot ping any other servers. If I need routes added, what and where?

What I can't do is do a netware login/access any resources.

I tried adding an ncp include address entry to include the tunnel address, but didn't make any difference. ("ncp address" shows only the private physical adapter)

On the client machine under netware connections it list the bm server as being connected but not authenticated. Ie 10.x.y.z:524

I've used just the IP address in the server box under netware login.

Our bm setup is so that the internal clients completely isolated and can only connect to the outside world thru the proxy. There is no NAT enabled on the bm box, would that matter?

What am I missing? If more info needed, please let me know.