Running OES2P3 cifs on SLES10SP4. This server is on it's own subnet
connected via a router to the other subnets, with the rest of the
servers. Name resolution and CIFS file access does work, but browsing
does not work. I found that the server registers the workstation
service with the WINS server, but not the server service. Adding a a
static WINS entry enables netbios name resolution. But due to the
unability to obtain a server list from the CIFS server (a packet trace
shows, that the request for the server list from the OES CIFS server is
answered by the server with an unspecified server error) browsing does
not work.

Is browsing supported by OES2 CIFS like it is in SAMBA or does it need
another server as browser to allow browsing to work?

W. Prindl