We have a BM3.6 server with several S2S and C2S connections and all
works well.

We're trying to add a Verizon Wirelss PC5220 PCMCIA card to a laptop
to use for remote VPN access and are getting some funny results.

We can connect to the VPN and login to the network - a mix of NW5.1sp7
and 6.5sp2 servers but we can't connect to our internal web servers
(with http) and our Unix box (via SSH) by using the server internal IP
addresses like we can at all our other sites connected with DSL, T1 or

We also can't telnet to the Unix box - no connection, nothing.

We can PING the boxes although the returns are rather slow -

Could this be a latency issue meaning we can't use the VPN over
Verizon's wireless. Thanks for any insight.

The BM logs see nothing unusual.