NW65 SP3(b2)
BM38 SP3(b2) + newer files from fp3d

Ok,, here goes.
When I configure C2S auth rule (NMAS) to a specific user I get this message
when I connect.
"Failed receiving server DH public value"
"VPN has not be authorized for this user or method"

BUT,, if I put the user in a group and configure the group in the auth rule
everything works ok.

Fine,, I can live with that. But then I noticed that the VPN connection didn't
pick up the traffic rule either (also configured for user object). So I used
the group again and now the traffic rule works as well. Well,, I can live
with that too. But I sure like to know what's going on.

Funny thing is that I have two servers with the same problem. Both with the
same SP's for NW65 and BM38.

I have set up several BM38's before those two but I have never seen this

Any takers?