This could end up being a long one......

We have a production BM 3.7 Server which I recently setup to also do C2S
VPN for remote users and External Suppliers.

I have been testing this from home via BT Broadband connection which plugs
directly into my pc and therefore I am being assigned an IP of 81.#.#.# -
I added a route in my internal network to get back to this address via the
BM server and all works fine for me!!!

Am now trying to get one of our suppliers to connect (or any users who
have a Private LAN at home behind a router) and this is where my problem
lies. Initially I thought it may be to do with a restriction of 3.7 but
having now setup a Test BM 3.8 server am not so sure - I will give the
details for the 3.8 setup as the Production box will be upgraded to this

Corporate LAN - 193.#.14.#
Private BM NIC - 193.#.14.56
Public BM NIC - 195.#.#.136
VPN Tunnel -
C2S Address Pool - Starting at

Supplier has setup VPN software on Office pc of IP address
(This is where the problem is?). This address is being NAT (at their end)
to 195.157.#.130) - They can authenticate fine but can't ping anything on
our corporate LAN.

Anyone got any ideas?