I have more or less gone through what I could to set this up.

I exported the BM 3.8 master encryption key (minfo.vpn) and imported that to
the BM 3.6 slave without any issue. I then created the slave (sinfo.vpn)

I had setup the vpn tunnel ip's as and when these were both
masters, clients could access either one perfectly. We know the VPN's

I changed 1 to a slave, but I halted what I was doing as I noted that the
master and slave networks both are using 192.168.0.x for the private IP's.

1. Can a 3.6 slave talk to a 3.8 master?

2. With both servers having similar directory structures (both are named
root, with the same 0=company context (ie: cn=admin.o=companyname ) exists
in both trees and are different version of NDS. Can they talk?

3. Does each network have to be on a different private IP range? If not,
do the Novell servers at each end have to have a different IP address?
ie: each server now has as their private IP. If we change
the slave to, would that be better? Or would it be better to
have one as and one as