Running fully patches OES2 SP3 and we have a returning issue that pops up once every month or so.
Some (not all) trustee rights disappear from some of our NCP volumes.

I have found out that the trustee XML file inside the ._NETWARE folder does indeed miss rights for a given group on a given folder, and I can also see that the right pop back in the file after the nss resync command and the command: ncpcon nss resync=VOLNAME does the trick every time, but WHY does this happen ?

My understanding is that the resync is running automatically in the background, so I see 2 issues: the first one is what makes the entry inside the trustee XML file disappear, and second why does the autosync not fix any issues

I can understand this problem after a migration or other Volume dismount re mounts, but not in normal operations ?

One more ting we do use shadow volumes to move little used data to slower storage - could this play a role in this ?

Any ideas are welcome :-)