Netware 6.5 SP6 running CIFS sharing <servername>\shared\<foldername>

Accessing using CIFS from Windows XP and Server 2003, shared volume is mapped successfully as Drive H:\ with all folders the users have permissions to only being displayed. Folders displayed change depending on the users memberships to groups associated with that folder. There is no requirement to have read or filescan permissions to the "shared" volume.


Accessing using CIFS from Windows 7 (after making the nessasary NTLM challange response change), mapping directly to <servername>\shared\<foldername> is successfull however trying to brose the top level drive, again Drive H:\ which is mapped to <servername>\shared fails due to the users not having rights to read or filescan the shared volume, only the sub directories on a group membership per folder basis. Giving the users read and filescan permisssions to the shared volume allows them to see all the folders within the shared volume and indeed they can only view the content of the folders they have permissions to, but for some users who only used to see 5 or so folders within <servername>\shared, now seeing 500+ is a problem - cosmetic only but a problem none the less.

Is there any way the same level of access can be provided to allow Windows 7 to map <servername>\shared and only see the folders they have permission to as per in Windows XP or Server 2003. Or is this a limitation in the fact that Windows 7 expects to have explicit permissions to the folder being mapped?