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I am attempting to create a client-site vpn.

BM37 on NW6sp5

I can authenticate to the VPN on the client fine. I can ping both the bm private IP and bm vptunnel IP from the client. I cannot ping any other servers. If I need routes added, what and where?

What I can't do is do a netware login/access any resources.

I've used just the IP address in the server box under netware login.

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More Details:

Internal Network
BM box address
Gateway (cisco router)

Craig Johnson gave me some ideas to try and I believe I've narrowed it down to a routing problem.

My problem is that I guess I truely don't understand the role of the vptunnel address. Is that the address that internal network see's the client as? Is that the network address I need to get routed internally?

All the internal boxes have listed as they're gateway because that is the gateway for that segment for our internal network. The BM box is really just an end node in that regard.

Do I need to turn on ip forwarding?

Ethereal trace reveals that the client and bm box seem to be communicating fine. I'm stuck...can anyone help?