Hey all,

I'm running an OES2.3-LX-64bit server. I have iFolder and Netstorage running on it. They work fine now. But I had a problem in the beginning and I have a sneaky suspicion that problem broke my iMonitor. Being new to Linux I used YAST to configure my Apache, HTTPS, and SSL. I never could get NetStorage to work. Then, I found a TID (7002562) that says in capital letters DO NOT use YAST to configure Apache and HTTP. Ahhhh, that fixed my NetStorage. But now I find when I try to get to iMonitor (server ip address :8030/nds) all I get is the following:

FireFox = connection was interrupted

IE = IE cannot display webpage.

Any ideas? I don't see anything of note in the /var/log/messages file or in the /var/log/apache2/access or error log files.