Based on a recommendation previously here, we had to change our private IP
addresses to accomodate a vpn slave to master connection.

In doing so, we have lost the ability to have our VPN Master server talk to
the rest of the internal servers.

Yes, all addresses were changed on all servers/workstations. Yes, we can
web browse and get e-mail. Timesync is working and we can manually map

The problem is that the BM 3.8 server VPN won't allow us to ping a private
address once we are logged in.

The VPN does work, and we do get connected to the VPN Master server, but for
some reason, we can't reach the rest of the private network.

I checked slp, that is working. Made sure that in iManager, we fixed that.

What could we be missing? I recall in the 3.6 days, we had to add protected
IP's in NWADMN32. Is there something similar for this? been a while!