Using BM 38 SP3b on NW6.5, latest Patches.
Some Users can auth without any problems to the VPN, erverything works
fine. All Users are in a group called "VPNUser".
Some Users cannot auth against the VPN Server, the log tells:

"Process NMAS Request: NMAS auth. successful"
"VPN ACL-Check:No Match on NDS Name"
"VPN ACL Check could not find a match in configured Auth. Rule List
Auth failed for user: C"

An other error is sometimes
"A connection was opened for a VPN client at address...."
"Failed to process NMAS request. Auth. failure"

All users are in the same group, and this group is used for traffic
rules and auth rules. Creating a new user in the contect did not help
- same problem.

What else could be done?

Jürgen Blessing