I have a BM3.8SP2a with bm38fp3c installed running on NW6.5SP2.
TCPIP.NLM v 6.67.10 from 29. Nov. 2004
NAT.NLM v 7.07.07 from 22. Feb. 2004
My VPN Client is from bm3xvpn7.exe. The border manager server is working as
a proxy for
HTTP, FTP and MAIL. But I also want to establish one or two VPN Client

I'm able to open a connection (both with NMAS and Certificates) to the BM
Server but I'm not able
to login to the Novell Server. Because this is for testing the BM Server is
the only server in the Tree.

Also I have problems to ping the private site of BM Server from the client
after establishing the
authentication procedure.

Here are my IP-Adresses:
BM Server PUBLIC Site: /
BM Server PRIVATE Site: /
For testing my client is before the router to the internet ( /
VPN Client: / with NWClient 4.90SP2 and VPN
Client, W2K

I also try to use the private address for the server in the NWClient.
The same error: Tree or server not found.
I try it with NAT enabled and NAT disabled on the public interface.
I also set on INETCFG the TCP/IP protocoll to routing enabled.

Can anyone help me?