I'm trying to reestablish a legacy site-to-site VPN using BM3.8 on two
NW6.5 servers. It went down yesterday following a DOS attack on our
ISP and never recovered. For whatever reason IP appears not to remain
bound bound to the VPN Tunnel address at the Master VPN server's
location although a 'config' at the server console indicates
otherwise. I've removed and recreated the VPN but still no VPN IP
connectivity although IPX comes right up. Following is a cut/paste
from conlog:

2-12-2005 2:54:56 pm: CSL-2.6-12
Call disconnection for protocol IP to destination
The event occurred for an unknown reason.

2-12-2005 2:54:56 pm: TCPIP-6.62-38
Could not find WAN Call Destination entry VPTUNNEL@63-96-XXX-XXX
from WAN
Call Directory database.

2-12-2005 2:54:57 pm: TCPIP-6.62-110
Unbound local IP address from board 4.


Tks, Rickl