We've recently changed the setup at a client's site - used to be a
single 5.1 server, now includes a 6.5 server, with the two connected via
a backbone. IP addresses on the private side as follows

5.1 server: NIC_1 - BM PUBLIC
5.1 server: NIC_2 - BM Private
5.1 server: NIC_3 - backbone

6.5 server: NIC_1 - backbone

Backbone has its own hub. Everything can ping everything else and I
added the 6.5 server to the existing tree earlier today.

I would like to be able, from a remote workstation that's already made a
VPN connection to the old server, use RCONJ to work on the new server,
but it doesn't see that address - any way to make this work? Other
suggestions welcomed, of course.