We have quite a few MAC clients and I've been seeing this popup more often and can't figure out what is causing this issue.

Server: GW802 HP2 (actually have a build slightly newer due to LDAP issue we experienced with HP1 & HP2)
Client: GW802 HP1, HP2 and Pam's special GW Client that is about a month old

- Happens in both caching and online mode
- Happens on these users the majority of the time, but if they logout/quit GW and then go back into it and then go right to their Calendar they typically can see all of their Calendar events.
- Doesn't happen on PC Client, DataSync devices or on Webmail
- Tried different versions of the GW802 client, all with the same result.
- Tried a different local user, but logged in as the failed into GW and seeing same issue.
- Re-Imaged the computer, user logged in, had all the Calendar, used it for the course of the day, next day, opened up GW and the Calendar view was lost again.
- Calendar will bold to show events on days beyond 4 weeks out but when you click on the specific date it will be blank.
- Affects both re-occuring and one-off events/appointments
- Verified the filter box was cleared.

Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!