Good afternoon our current environment is the following.

GW 8.0.2 HP2

BES 4.1.7 MR2 (

What we are trying to accomplish

It has been asked if we can sync the Blackberry Mobile phone number through our GroupWise system. Currently we are passing the Office desk phone number and the fax number, however; we are wanting to pass the Mobile number through the GroupWise system.

We have seen the following pieces of information

KB26285-How to add the mobile number field from eDirectory to be available for Remote Lookups on BlackBerry smartphones

We have already performed the addition to the users "Other" attribute, but are just looking to perform the C1 steps that have been described.

What we are concerned about is that the Knowledge Base information describes 5.0.1 (our version is 4.1.7 MR2) and also what affect would this change in the domain have on users? Would we need to stop/restart the Domain?

If anyone has had experience with this, and can provide additional information please let me know.