I want to push out a single registry key to the user portion of the registry that adds the Tray Icon Link to the context menu of the iPrint icon. I have the app 'user associated' and it runs correctly when I manually run it by entering the key value 'Tray Icon Link' and key value data of an URL to our iPrint server. (This is so users can easily get to the Web Interface for iPrint if they want to install a new printer.)

The problem is that I want it to run once if an iPrint file exists AND if this registry key value is not present. It is user associated and set up as a Launch action. I have a launch schedule of 'Zenworks Login'. I have tried 'User login' as well. In either case, if I install the iPrint client then refresh the NAL, it will put the 'Tray Icon Link' value in the registry key at the right location (HKCU\Software\Novell-iPrint) but it doesn't put the URL in there at all - it leaves the value data blank.

OTOH, if I just run the app manually after the iPrint client is installed, then the full registry edit works and I have both the Value of 'Tray Icon Link' as well as the value data of "http://{iPrintURL}/ipp".

Why is it behaving differently? How do I get it to behave the way I want?