I'm running OES2 SP3 server. I'm trying to LUM enable user to log to ftp server using eDir auth(store scans from bizhub)

Main problem (i think) is that i don't have Linux User Management role in iManager, but I tried LUM enable group with Modify Object task in Directory Administration and add my linux workstation to this group with success, namgrouplist -x o=context returns:

Then i tried do the same with user, but iManager returned 609 error when I wanted to modify linux profile for my user. When I added posixAccount extensions using consoleOne and then modify it with iManager it worked, but namgrouplist -x o=context returns
with no uid and gui, home etc. And then when I'm tying to log via ftp it fails. When I add local user myuser to linux workstation, then myuser can log via ftp, but trustees from edir doesnt work. In messages is info
Couldn't get FDN from LUM for uid=660
where uid is local and edir myuser uid. It's wierd, because it's using data from /etc/passwd, not from eDir. In pure-ftpd.conf:
PAMAuthentication yes
UnixAuthentication no
are configured. I attach also my pam.d module config:
auth required pam_listfile.so item=user sense=deny file=/etc/ftpusers onerr=succeed
auth sufficient pam_nam.so
account sufficient pam_nam.so
password sufficient pam_nam.so
session optional pam_nam.so

any ideas how to get this user enable to log in with eDir credentials?