I'm unable to delete a file on a NW6.5 sp8 server.
This is only a copy, so it's not mission critical, but it's starting to frustrate the hell out of me!
A colleague was given a helpdesk problem about a misbehaving pdf, he made a copy of the pdf in a different directory to do some testing but now finds that he cannot delete this copy!
I've tried deleting it using Windows Explorer, Dos, Filer.Exe, Console One, and possibly one or 2 others. I get various errors but they all seem to infer that either I'm using a user who doesn't have the necessary rights (I'm using our standard admin user, so that shouldn't be the problem) or that the file is in use by others. Using the JRBUtil 'Openfile.exe', I find that the file is being used by 4 instances of my admin user.
If I try and disconnect these instanceswith 'Openfile.exe', I get confirmation that the connections have been terminated, but I'm still not able to delete the file. If I go back to 'Openfile.exe' it tells me that the same 4 connections (same connection numbers throughout) are still in use! If I try to close the connections using the Console Monitor then it appears to close the connections, they disappear from the list and if I re-check then they are still not visible, but if I go back to 'Openfile.exe' then it reports that the connections are still current! I've tried using iManage to close the connections, but with no success!
The server in question is our main data server so the chances of rebooting it just because it 'may' fix this problem is unlikely to happen.

Again it's only a copy and not mission critical, but it would be good to find an answer to this. So, is there a command or utility that will just delete a file when asked?

Many thanks