I have a problem with a client's site to site VPN. Their ISP had a problem
with their DSLAM and the VPN was down between sites for longer than a week
and now the master and slave servers will not negotiate the tunnel.

The site has been configured so that their is a partition of root with the
master replica residing on the Master VPN server, and a read/write on the
slave server. I understand that the problem may stem from the fact that the
slave cannot read the licenses from the master replica. Could this be the
problem, and does anyone have any suggestions on how to approach the it.

One thing I have found perplexing is that while the vptunnel.nlm is
unloaded, each server is able to ping the other's public IP address, but
once this module is loaded the ping stops working.

Please let me know if I can supply any more specific technical info that may
shed light on the issue. I would appreciate any insight.