Hello all,

Here is the scenario:

Site to site VPN with BM 3.7 SP3 servers.

Original configuration encrypted IPX for NDS authentication through the
tunnel (before SLP was configured).

Now SLP is configured for the separate trees and we are removing IPX
encryption from the tunnel, but the servers never come out of being

The slave sites still show IPX connectivity but no IPX connectivity to the

We are setup as a Full mesh (hence the being configured and the IPX still
showing connectivity between the slave sites).

When looking at the audit logs you can see that the master is failing to
update the slave servers. If you look at the Audit logs on the slave
servers, I get the following error:

(AH) ICV is not matched, SPI=1, <server IP addresses>.

The VPN continues to work normally even with this error. I have disabled
all of the filters on all of the BM servers involved, but still no luck.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

Steve D.