Is there a way to configure the data synchronizer to download mail to a mobile device, but not process deletes and/or message status updates back to the post office. We tried disabling email syncing from the engine to the groupwise connector, and that works, in a fashion, but it creates another problem. With that sync turned off, I cannot reply to emails I receive on my mobile device.

There are a couple of reasons that I and other users prefer to use email on our phone in this manner:

1) I keep just a subset of received mails on my phone. This is both to minimize the storage required and to make it easier to find the important emails that I want to locate when the time comes to find one. Everything else I delete from the phone after I read it, but I don't want all of those emails to be deleted from the GW post office.

2) I, and others, are on virtual 24-hour call. It is not a mandate, but something we do because we want to be responsive to urgent needs. Being able to do that is one of the great benefits of receiving email on my phone. On the other hand, I get emailed at 9:30pm on a Friday night or possibly mid-morning on Sunday about various issues. While I want to receive those emails and be abreast of potential problems, I don't ALWAYS want to give up my evening with my wife or my Sunday morning services to an issue that, in reality, can be handled later. Having the user (sender of the message) always know that I have received and read an email is often implicit permission for them to be "proactive" in following up with me about their issue.

This may seem petty to some, but when you work for a partnership and have, essentially, 30 "bosses", it is a real issue for some of us.

Soooooo ... is a configuration such as I've described possible?