My organization has had GroupWise since version 4.1 in 1995/96 time frame. We support around 1100 users now and email has risen to be probably the top enterprise application. I can't afford it to be down or have any issues. Knock on wood, we've had a solid experience with email for 15 years. We've had BES for the past 7 years or so I think. Any of our upper management who requires mobile email uses a Blackberry right now. Last month I installed data sync server and have been testing it myself with an iPhone 4. Seems to work really well. I've added a second phone on now and we're testing. I'm thinking now about policy and how we will keep our email system as secure as possible, now allowing a new device to attach.

I'm new to Apple products. I'm trying to figure out if I should be concerned with someone's personal iPhone that is loaded with apps, music, video, photos, etc, connecting to our mail system? Should I be concerned if a phone has been "jailbreaked", (not sure if I used that term correctly or not)?

I don't see any way in Data Sync admin to limit connection to authentic Apple firmware phones, or even a minimum Apple iOS version. I don't see a way to limit the app store purchases on the phone, thru Data Sync admin either. (I'm looking at this from 2 angles, phones purchased by my organization expressly for business use only, and from the angle that many already have personal iPhones, who will want to connect.)

We will most likely write a contract of sorts for our iOS users to read, sign, and adhere to before connecting. What kind of security items have any of you run into out there with these devices? (Due to budget and staffing issues, we initially will only offer support for Apple iOS devices, no Android, Windows mobile, etc. We feel like with our minimal staff, it will be much easier to take on the additional support of only iOS devices at this time.)