I've been working with BM VPN's since the beginning of their time, and
frankly, I have never had the kind of difficulties that I have had since
BM3.8. The Client to Site VPN config seems pretty routine and
straightforward, but either I am missing something very obvious and
simple, or I need to change careers. Out of 4 C2S VPN installs, I have 1
that is working properly. If I try to duplicate that setup anywhere
else, I get mixed results. All are running on NetWare SBS v6.5, and are
using various methods of connecting to he Internet (From T1 to DSL to
Cable Broadband).

I am either getting DH errors at the client, or timing out and
seeing "Retransmit Timer Expired" warnings on the servers IKE screen.

Any suggestions? (I have in each case tried scrapping and starting from
scratch, following hotstarts, best practices, etc...to no avail...

Thanks in advance...

Mike G