BM3.8 sp2 on NW 6.5 sp2. VPN Client 3.8.7. On XP Home client and Win2000 client the VPN client can connect to BM3.8 in NMAS mode, and to a BM3.7 VPN server in Backward Compatibility mode. We tried an XP Pro SP2 client, it can login backup compatibility to the 3.7 VPN server, but its NMAS option is greyed out in the Configuration tab on the 3.8.7 VPN Client. To the BM3.8 VPN server it authenticated using Backward Compatibility, but could not contact any hosts.

So is there anything extra we need on XP Pro to emable NMAS authentication? This was the first install of a VPN client on this machine, there were no error messages during the install. It installed the NICI client.