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Thread: retire netware servers without deleting ?

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    retire netware servers without deleting ?

    We have two NW 6.5 SP7 servers, and one Windows 2003 server running eDir. We want to retire our NW server that holds the Master replicas, and change the 2nd NW server (our Groupwise server) to be the Master instead of Read/Write replica. (We are getting rid of Netware and just keeping Groupwise) The 3rd server (Windows 2003 server running eDir -holds Read/Write replica also.) is also to be retired. I already know that any roles the 1st netware server is handling need to be moved over the the 2nd Groupwise server before we retire it.....really just NTP in our case from what I can tell..no one is logging into Netware anymore, just getting email....

    Skimming thru the various TIDs/forum posts, all that I seem to find relates to uninstalling eDir and/or deleting server objects in eDir, which seems pretty drastic. Is there no way to simply shut off these 2 servers and put them on a shelf for posterity (just in the very slim chance we'd need them again) without doing the aforementioned destructive procedures?

    One of the partitions (replicas?) is the old ASAM dirXML 1.1 (the ancestor of IDM and NAM) driver for account synchronization, if that happens to complicate anything..... Since we don't need this anymore, I could always rem out the LOAD ASAMMGR, LOAD ASAMAGNT commands on Server1, and then in Console1, stop the DirXML driver, then change it's Startup Option to "Manual" from "Auto Start" (Disabled is faded) if that will help.
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