My customer has the following error being seen on the second cluster node(s), we are trying to prepare for the move-to-SLES10SP4 for all of our servers, however; this error message has stopped the procedure from taking place. Has anyone seen this type of error before?

This update enables your system for an upgrade from SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Service Pack 3 to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Service Pack 4

This update conflicts with installations of Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 SP2 and before, but is valid for open Enterprise Server 2 SP3. Customers who use Open Enterprise Server products prior to SP3, must not install this update, see TID 7008364

We recommend you read the detailed description of the upgrade process prior applying this update. The description is provided in the technical document 7008357

Please ensure that you applied all maintenance updates provided for SUSE linux Enterprise Server 10 Service Pack 3 before starting the migration.>>

Press CANCEL in this dialog to skip service pack upgrade.

To start the migration now, press ACCEPT.

My question would be is the TID 7008357 a fix for this issue or is there something further that we are going to need to do before we can actually move forward with this procedure? Is the procedure for fixing this issue relatively straight forward?

Thank you